Boarding available 7 days a week 
Phone: 209-669-8600

A Comfortable, Stylish Overnight Stay

A cozy place to stay, a huge place to play.  Your pets can have it all while you’re out of town with our comfortable boarding services.

Your dogs and cats are welcome here 7 days a week!

Our office is open for drop-offs and pick-ups from 8am-8pm
Your first day’s charge incurs when your pet is dropped off. If you pick up your pet before noon, there is no additional charge for that day.









  • Dogs under 50lbs $25 per day
  • 2 dogs in 1 kennel $21 per day per pet
  • Dogs over 50lbs $30 per day
  • 2-3 dogs in 1 kennel $26 per day per pet


Please provide your dog’s vaccination records showing current DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies and Flu vaccine.  Vaccinations must current at least 2 week prior to boarding reservation.


Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day by doctors and technicians so your pet is never left alone.
Your pets are cared for by our kennel attendants all day 7 days a week.
Your dog will get 3 times a day exercise time and potty breaks in our large grassy run
Meals are included in their stay but you can also bring their food from home for no additional charge.
We provide blankets, food and water bowls.
All dogs will get an afternoon treat in addition to being cleaned and brushed before going home.
We also offer a 15% discount for dogs sharing a kennel.
If your pet needs medications administered our trained technicians make sure your pets medications are given properly. This incurs an additional fee of $8 per day.

Living Quarters

For large dogs 50 lbs and up we have outdoor kennels available that measure 3ft by 6ft. We do also have 1 indoor kennel for large dogs that measures 3ft by 5 1/2ft.
For our small to medium furry friends we have indoor kennels that range in sizes from 24”x24” to 48”x24”.


  • $16 per day


Kennel staff here all day caring for your cat’s needs in addition to our facility being staffed 24 hours a day so your cat is never left alone.

Condos are 24”x28” with a perch. We often open up a 2nd condo for our cat if they are not already booked.
Your cat will stay in a quiet area away from dogs so your cat can spend their day lounging in peace and quiet.
Twice daily meals are included but you are also more than welcome to bring your cat’s food from home.


Please provide your cat’s vaccination records showing current FVRCP and Rabies vaccine.  Vaccinations must be current at least 2 weeks prior to boarding reservation.